Zombies in the Olympic Village? More likely than you think!

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Written on October 26th, 2017

October has arrived with great changes in weather, and along with it, an eerie (yet festive) vibe comes into place in Vancouver. Halloween decorations and a variety of celebrations and events can be seen spreading all over the main Vancouver area.

Once again the Vancouver’s Olympic Village shines in the light of celebration and community. This time by hosting an annual beloved event that Michael Jackson lovers, Halloween, and Zombies enthusiast were asking for – Thrill The World Vancouver!

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This year’s performance will be stronger than ever, expecting to set a new record on Zombies Dancing internationally to the rhythm of Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the same time. The event’s breach in Vancouver has been held as an annual tradition in the Olympic Village Square since 2011, has gotten quite a growth spurt in the past years.

To join the #ThrillVancouver, a donation of $40 per person is suggested and participants are also encouraged to bring a nonperishable food item to donate. All funds and donations are given to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Knowledge of the dance steps is also of utmost importance to participate. Let us not forget that this song is a 6-minute long challenge!

With their $40 donation, participants will get:

  • Free access to all the dance rehearsals before the big day
  • A free simple Zombie makeup to enhance that thrilling look!

Feel up to a spooky (and physical) challenge? Visit TTWVancouver’s website for more information on everything about #ThrillVancouver.


What other events you would like to see in the Olympic Village? Let us know in the comments!