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Image of Kayak at the Village building in Olympic Village.

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Written on August 4th, 2022

In today’s spotlight, we will be visiting the beautiful Kayak building. Built by Millennium Development for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games hosted by Vancouver, Kayak is part of the original Olympic Village and served as accommodations for Olympic athletes and officials. After the event, the development was ready to serve as a residential complex comprising three buildings located at 77 Walter Hardwick Avenue, 1633 Ontario Street and 12 Athletes Way, respectively. 

Partake in a legacy of surpassing gold-medal sustainability

Being part of a carefully-planned, green, family-oriented community and neighbourhood comes with certain expectations for residential buildings. Buildings which were part of the original Olympic Village—including Kayak—received LEED Platinum Certification in 2010. LEED Certifications are issued to buildings and developments which incorporate sustainability into their operation and construction, such as harvesting and reusing of rainwater, green roofs and in Vancouver’s case: a neighbourhood energy system. While in 2022 these features may seem ubiquitous and expected, in 2010 these buildings were at the industry forefront earning the U.S. Green Building Council’s praise as “the greenest, most energy efficient and sustainable neighbourhood on Earth.”

Kayak’s enduring luxury and exclusive amenities

Aside from being green, Kayak is built with luxury in mind and to provide amenities to its residents both during and after the Winter Olympics. 

Kayak and its sister buildings remain some of the most exclusive residential buildings in all of Metro Vancouver, just as the surrounding Olympic Village neighbourhood continues to be a thriving community. Kayak is strategically-located within Olympic Village ensuring easy, convenient access to shops and services. Residents can easily access transit, bicycle paths and the False Creek seawall from this highly-walkable neighbourhood. Aside from exclusive access to the Gold Medal Club, Kayak’s spectacular clubhouse, there are a variety of amenities, such as: 

  • Indoor Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Change Rooms
  • Fitness Centre
  • Co-op Car Sharing
  • Hybrid Car Sharing Facility

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